What is the BRIX?

What is the BRIX

The Belt & Road Institute in Sweden (BRIX) is a non-profit association that has been formed by the organizers, speakers, and participants in a seminar held in Stockholm on May 30th, 2018 on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its economic and strategic significance for Europe and Sweden. The seminar was organized jointly by the Schiller Institute and the China-Sweden Business Council.

The BRIX members include entrepreneurs, economists and strategic experts, with a wide range of expertise in Swedish and Chinese economic affairs. Their common conclusion is that the BRI is significant not only for a good economic and political relationship between China and Sweden, but fundamentally beneficial for economic development and peace among all nations.

The goals of the BRIX:

To promote an open dialogue and greater awareness about the BRI and its benefits for Sweden, China, and the world community. BRIX will provide objective, well-researched information free from prejudice and geopolitical agendas that, unfortunately, tainted many reports in Western media on the BRI and China’s “agenda” behind it. This educational effort aims at bringing a clear understanding of the BRI among leading political, academic, mass media, business layers, as well as the public. BRIX organizes seminars, webinars, educational initiatives and publish information through mass media and social media. It cooperates with Swedish and Chinese institutions, as well as individuals and groups interested in the BRI domestically and globally.

BRIX has emerged in the past few years as one of the prominent think tanks internationally with some of the most factual and objective research projects in BRI and China-Europe related matters. It has also become renowned in the area of investigating and debunking false narratives about the BRI and China, such as the discredited “debt-trap” narrative.

BRIX experts are regularly interviewed by international media outlets who seek their expertise and pedagogical methods in explaining events and developments related to the BRI.