Update: Webinar on April 29: The Health Silk Road and the fight against COVID-19



The Health Silk Road – The key to the global fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic

WHEN: APRIL 29, 2020 (9AM – 12:30PM SWEDISH TIME)




The Belt and Road Institute in Sweden (BRIX) is organizing a webinar to explore the ways and means of strengthening international cooperation in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic, along the lines of the Health Silk Road. The webinar will bring together diplomats, healthcare experts and economists from Sweden, China, Africa and Europe to discuss the lessons already learned from the fight against the outbreak of the Corona Virus, but also the economic aspects of building a global healthcare capacity with infrastructure, industrial production and education.

In a phone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on March 16, China’s President Xi Jinping called for increased cooperation with Italy, and all nations, “to contribute to international cooperation in combatting the epidemic and to the construction of a Health Silk Road.”

The idea of the Health Silk Road has existed since the launching of the BRI in 2013.

At an August 18, 2017 conference titled “Belt and Road High-Level Meeting for Health Cooperation: Towards a Health Silk Road”, held in Beijing, 64 countries signed the “Health Silk Road communiqué”. In his address to this 2017 conference, Director-General of WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said: “president Xi’s proposal for a Health Silk Road, which strengthens and renews ancient links between cultures and people, with health at its core, is indeed visionary.” Tedros emphasized that “if we are to secure the health of the billions of people represented here, we must seize the opportunities the Belt and Road Initiative provides”.

Today, it has become obvious that for the whole world to survive, these guidelines of cooperation among nations is the only insurance policy for every nation. The Corona virus does not distinguish between ethnic, religious, cultural and political background of its victims. They are all humans with the same vulnerabilities and potentials.

The BRIX webinar is intended to contribute to this effort.

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Panel one (9:00 AM – 10:30 AM): Why International cooperation indispensable in the fight against COVID-19 Pandemic 

– H.E. Mr. Gui Congyou, Ambassador of China to Sweden.

– H.E. Mr. Dragan Momcilovic, Ambassador of Serbia to Sweden

– H. Excellency Mrs. Datin Paduka Nur Ashikin Mohd Taib, Ambassador of Malaysia to Sweden.

– Mr. Irfan Ahmad, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Pakistan to Sweden.

– Professor Wang Gui-qiang, Head of Infectious Disease Department, Peking University First Hospital. Profile: Dr-Wang-GuiQiang

Q&A session

Panel two (10:30 AM –  12:30 AM) The role of the Belt and Road in building a global health frontline.

– Mrs. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Chairwoman of the Schiller Institute, Germany.

– Mr. Thore Vestby, Former MP, Co-founder of ICHI Foundation, Norway.

– Mr. Michele De Gasperis, Chairman of the OBOR Institute, Italy.

– Ulf Sandmark, Chairman of Belt and Road Institute in Sweden, BRIX.

– Mr. Shakeel Ramay, Director of Asia and China Study Center, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan.

– Ms. Isabelle Hannouche, China-Africa trade expert, Teranga Trade, Shanghai.

– Hussein Askary, board member of BRIX (moderator).

Q&A session.

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