Podcast #9: The Final Demise of the Chinese Debt-Trap Narrative

In this new podcast from the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden’s (BRIX) 2021 podcast series, we hammer the final nail in the coffin of the China “debt trap” narrative.

We explore its origins and its purpose. We also present the facts from our own and our guests’ research, and that of other respected Western think tanks proving that the narrative is completely baseless.

However, what we discovered is that there is a real debt trap with horrific consequences for many nations of our planet, and it is not caused by China but by the accusers of China.

In this podcast, BRIX board member, Hussein Askary, interviewed Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Ramay, Director of China Center in Pakistan’s Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI), and Mr. Dennis Small, Director of Ibero-America section in the U.S. weekly magazine Executive Intelligence Review (EIR).

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