BRIX participates in Skellefteå ”Inköpardagen”

BRIX participated in the special event ”Inköpardagen i Norr” (the procurement manager’s day in the North – ) directed mostly to the business sector in Norrland, Skellefteå and Luleå with special focus on transport and logistics. In the morning session Ulf Sandmark, Chairman of the BRIX, was presented to the participants by the moderator to tell about the BRIX and what he is going to talk about in the afternoon special VIP-side-event which was dedicated for the BRIX.

He was able to present the basic idea of the BRIX to spread knowledge of the BRI, and how this will help benefit business opportunities for Swedish companies, both large and small. He was also able to inform the approximately 100 participants about the presentation he will hold on the BRI during the break of 30 minutes at a conference room upstairs.
There were six presentations, one focused on the rail transport between China and Europe, and the enormous possibilities the BRI infrastructure projects, have for train transport between China and Sweden.

This presentation, which was the first presentation of the day, set the tone for many questions and discussions about the BRI and China. It was around this atmosphere, that Ulf Sandmark’s presentation on the BRI, was able to draw many participants, who became much interested to learn more. Lydia Liu, Board Member of BRIX, was also able to present the business side of how some of these companies in the North could begin to cooperate with the BRI and China in future investments. In addition, Stephen Brawer, Vice Chairman of BRIX, was able to engage many people in discussions, at the BRIX book table.
The speeches by Ulf Sandmark and Lydia Liu can be watched on BRIX Youtube Channel