Seminar: The New Africa Emerging

The Belt and Road Institute in Sweden organizes a seminar on December 5th, 2019 in Stockholm on the emergence of The New Africa. The topic will address the rapidly changing world economic conditions, based on the development and spreading interest in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), initiated by Xi Jinping, President of China, in 2013. This worldwide plan for transcontinental connectivity, industrial development and trade, is both being accepted and implemented by a large majority of African nations, explicitly for the purpose of industrializing and modernizing the African continent. The African Union’s Agenda 2063 and the BRI concepts and goals converge around eliminating poverty and ensuring growth and prosperity for all nations.

Africa has the fastest growing population of any continent on the face of the planet. The United Nations estimate that Africa’s population would reach 3 billion people by 2050. This is not a problem, as some pessimists suggest, but rather a greatest potential for human progress, when combined with the necessary industrial and technological progress. The nations of Africa themselves, no longer wish charity assistance and handouts, almost universally connected to political and other economic conditionalities. African nations are now aiming at acquiring the tools of progress in a collaborative manner with the industrial nations of the world.

This vision, and the rapidly changing conditions in Africa and the world, will be highlighted by African diplomats themselves, with examples on how these changes are occurring in their respective nations. Sweden has large companies with a great potential for major infrastructure investments in Africa, such as Skanska, ABB, Atlas Copco, Scania, Volvo, among others which could participate in development projects and open new and enormous market opportunities.

African and Chinese top diplomats will speak at this seminar, in addition to experts from Sweden.

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