Report on BRIX Webinar: “Europeans for the BRI”

A very successful webinar of the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden was held today, April 29th, 2024. The webinar was entitled “Europeans for the Belt and Road Initiative”. It brought together speakers, including leaders, entrepreneurs, and scholars, from Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, and Sweden. The Chairman of the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden, Stephen Brawer, who moderated the event, emphasized from the beginning, that this was the first of many webinars that will continue promoting European cooperation with China and the BRI.

The opening speech was delivered by His Excellency Cui Aimin, China’s Ambassador to Sweden. He pointed out that China and Europe have no geopolitical reason for conflict or unhealthy competition. He made very clear that the purpose of de-risking and other obstacles to free and cooperative trade benefits neither Europe nor China. Rather, the commitment to genuine cooperation through Belt and Road understanding will only promote the interests of all parties. All the speakers, representing their respective nations, showed in concise, but detailed presentations why and how their countries continue to grow and benefit from cooperation with China and the BRI.

In addition to Ambassador Cui, the speakers included Mr. Erik Solheim, VP, of the Green Belt and Road Coalition, Mr. George Floras, President of the Belt and Road Associates in Greece, Mr. Jan Menke Hopma, CEO of Innovasian Bridge, from the Netherlands, Mr. Tomaz Amon, CEO of Bioanim, from Slovenia, and Mr. Hussein Askary, Vice Chairman of the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden. Many of the participants and listeners, upward of 50 persons, took part in a very active and lively question-and-answer discussion with Ambassador Cui and the other speakers.

In conclusion, all the participants agreed that this was a very successful beginning to uniting European scholars, leaders, and entrepreneurs. In coming webinars, BRIX will work to bring European participants and supporters together with scholars, business leaders, and experts from China. It is in this spirit we can build a powerful international movement for peace and cooperation that is “a community for a shared future for mankind.”