Podcast #10: The Space Silk Road and China’s Space Program

In this new podcast from the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden (BRIX), we explore the Space Silk Road with space exploration historian Brian Harvey, author of 14 books on the genesis and evolution of the space programs of many leading nations. The latest of his books is titled “China in Space: The Great Leap Forward”.

Hussein Askary discussed with Mr. Harvey questions such as:

– Why studying space is important? What are the benefits of space exploration for us terrestrial beings?

– Why invest in space exploration when we have hunger and poverty on Earth?

– What is China’s space program: goals, methods, and achievements?

– What is the “Space Silk Road”? Does it exist? And how it looks like?

– Why cooperation among different nations in space is important, in contrast to weaponizing space , as in the example of the U.S. Space Force?

– Why nations should work together, not against each other in space?

– Why the Russian proposal for a joint Strategic Defense of Earth against asteroids and other space dangers should be welcomed?

– How do space scientists in the East and West see cooperation in space?


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