Did China Predict and Plan a Slower Growth Pace Already in 2011? Chinese Insider Explains!

In this exclusive interview conducted by Hussein Askary, Belt and Road Institute in Sweden, with Professor Ding Yifan, Senior Fellow at the Global Governance and Development Institute at Renmin University and former deputy-director of the influential Institute of World Development under the State Council’s Development Research Centre, Professor Ding elucidates many of past, current, and future economic development policies of the Chinese government. He gives very specific answers about the causes and direction of the Chinese economic policy.

Most surprisingly, Professor Ding explains how he and his colleagues already in 2011 predicted a slow down of the economy, and how the Chinese government started planning for such a slower pace of growth.

Mr. Askary and Professor Ding discuss certain important questions raised in Professor Ding’s newly published book “The New Dynamics of Development: The Crisis of Globalization and China’s Solutions”. His book can be purchased from: https://www.peterlang.com/

Watch the interview here! (YouTube)