BRIX Recommends Film Series on The Belt and Road Initiative

Channel Asia Network (CAN) in Singapore has over the past five years created a series of documentaries presenting the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) New Silk Road’s start and progress in different countries entitled “New Silk Roads”.

It is a very valuable series with well-researched material and objective information about BRI by a non-Chinese entity. Each episode is about 45 minutes and is hosted by renowned television reporter Anthony Morse.

In addition to showing various ongoing and completed infrastructure projects, the program addresses various contradictions that the BRI is forced to face and try to bridge in different countries in order to meet its goals.

The program highlights both historical ties between China and affected countries as well as various initiatives that are now being implemented to strengthen ties between people from different cultures in accordance with “People to People bonds” which is one of the five goals included in the memorandum of understanding on BRI signed between China and its partners.

We at BRIX have watched all the seasons of this series, which has given us a greater understanding of the strong driving forces and commitment that all those involved have put into achieving what has been done so far within the framework of the BRI.

At the same time, the program also reflects backgrounds to the many contradictions that exist, which all too often unilaterally have received the main focus in the reports on BRI that the Western world’s media spreads.

We can warmly recommend you to enjoy CAN’s “New Silk Roads” and attach links to the series below.

NB! The programs are usually opened with sound in mute / silent mode which you must adjust to the desired sound level.


Season 1: From China to Central Asia

Ep 1: China’s Plan To Change The World  (Chongqing – Xi-án)

Ep 2: A City Rises From The Desert (Xinjiang)

Ep 3: Kazakhstan: China’s New Ally (Kazakhstan)

Ep 4: USA & China: The Superpowers Battle For Influence (Kyrgyzstan)


Season 2: The Maritime Silk Road

Ep 1: A City Divided (Guangdong – Hong Kong)

Ep 2: Malaysia on the Silk Road (Malaysia)

Ep 3: Troubled Waters (Indonesia – Philippines)

Ep 4: Partners and Rivals (Sri Lanka – India)

Ep 5: China’s Second Continent (Kenya – Ethiopia)

Ep 6: The Birthplace of Democracy (Greece)


Season 3: From China to the Middle East

Ep 1: China: The Arab Connection ((Iran – China vs. U.S)

Ep 2: China’s Pakistani Revolution (Pakistan)

Ep 3: The Iran Deal (Iran)

Ep 4: Egypt: China’s Gateway to Africa (Egypt)


Season 4: ASEAN

Ep 1: China & ASEAN: A New Era (ASEAN)

Ep 2: Myanmar: Dragon At The Doorstep (Myanmar)

Ep 3: Thailand & Cambodia: Twists in the Track (Thailand – Cambodia)

Ep 4: Vietnam & Laos: Bridging Hopes (Vietnam – Laos)