Podcast #11: What is the Health Silk Road and How is it Evolving?

In this new podcast from the Belt and Road Institute in Sweden (BRIX) we discuss the Health Silk Road with Henry Tillman, Founder and Chairman of China Investment Research. Tillman and Hussein Askary discuss the origins of the Health Silk Road, its goals, and progress globally. Although officially in existence since 2017 as part of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Health Silk Road was unleashed in earnest with the outbreak of this pandemic.

In the podcast, we also discuss the financial as well logistical aspects of the work being achieved between China and other nations, especially with regard of the creation of health logistical hubs and vaccination process.

A key element of the discussion is the correlation between the availability of modern solid infrastructure and the provision of the health care from various studies.

The conclusion this podcast draws is while China’s massive development in the biotech and medical sectors was thanks to the cooperation with other nations, especially in the West, it is necessary now for combatting this pandemic to bring the efforts of all nations together to secure a healthy shared future for mankind.

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